Buzz Bites: (7/6/11): Justin Timberlake's Potentially Bringing Myspace Back With A Talent Contest

Credit: Getty

+ Justin Timberlake, whom as you know took an ownership stake in Myspace, is considering a talent contest as a way of reviving the site. A little "American Idol" meets "The Social Network"? We like it, JT. (Rolling Stone)

+ Chicago inmate Clayton Hill claims to know the identity of The Notorious B.I.G.'s murderer. Count us among the long list of those who would love to have that case cracked, right after Diddy. It IS suspect, though, that the inmate happens to have an e-book out this month. (TheFABlife)

+ Eminem's "Recovery" pulls 1 million downloads! AND, he became the first artist to sell a million digital copies of an album. Once again, Slim Shady proves he's one tough act to follow. (AceShowbiz)

+ Speaking of album sales, Lady Gaga slams claims she's using the gay community to boost hers. She reminds us collectively that she represents the "B" in LGBT, lest you forget, heathens. GEEZ. (The Advocate)

+ In a meeting of the eye shadow-appreciating minds, Alice Cooper rolled up and made a surprise appearance at Ke$ha's concert in Norway last night. Afterward, she tweeted, "Thanx for coming to Oslo to do 'Schools Out' with me dad. Legend. F***ING Legend." (NME)

+ And, in your big boy band news of the day, Hanson has revealed their 2011 tour dates! Mmm-bop on over with your calendar in hand! (Idolator)