Soundtrack Of My Life: Songs To Clean To

I'm not ashamed to admit I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes to clean. OK, I love it. I worship at the altar of my Swiffer WetJet. I get giddy when I buy refills of Mrs. Meyer's all-purpose cleaner. And sometimes I make a mess just so I have something to tidy up.

See, when I put on my cleaning hat*, I also put on my set of dirt-fighting jams to keep me pumped while I scrub and shake my groove thing while I'm pushing the vacuum. So if you're looking for tunes to help you shimmy with your shammy too, might I recommend the following songs from Ida Maria, Hellogoodbye, Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix.

(* I don't really have a cleaning hat, but that might be worth looking into. Maybe something like this, perhaps?)

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1.) Ida Maria's "Let's Leave": I absolutely loved Ida's debut LP, Fortress Round My Heart, and her follow-up, Katla, does not disappoint. I can't say I'm surprised, though, considering that it's produced by pop-rock maestro Butch Walker. When it comes to my favorite song on the album, I'm caught between "Let's Leave," which is a high-octane romp about a roll in the hay, and "I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast," for obvious reasons. However, for the sake of this cleaning playlist, I have to go with "Let's Leave," which boasts lyrics like "baby, let's stay in" and "going out is overrated." I couldn't have said it better myself -- especially when there's a pile of dishes in the sink.

Listen to "Let's Leave"

2.) Hellogoodbye's "When We First Met": I don't like to do a lot of heavy thinking when I'm cleaning. (That's what yoga's for! Kidding... Sorta.) That's why I don't listen to anything that requires a lot of my attention when I'm focusing on making my apartment sparkle. Take "When We First Met," for example. It's a sweet toe-tapping pop song about how a relationship is charted by a girl's hair growth and various haircuts. In other words, it's the perfect background musical fodder for me to concentrate on capturing all the dust bunnies that keep procreating under my couch.

Listen to "When We First Met"

3.) Two Door Cinema Club's "Something Good Can Work": There's nothing more satisfying than a good hate-clean. You know what I mean: A "hate-clean" happens when when life gets you so pissed that you have to take out your anger on something, anything... So instead of going for a walk and inevitably punching random people in the face, why not take out your aggression on the bathroom grout or that annoying watermelon juice stain on your white rug? I like to turn on this song when I'm about to embark on a good hate-clean sesh, not only because it's easy to keep your magic eraser abrading in time to the beat, but it's such a positive track that your scowl will turn upside down in no time.

Listen to "Something Good Can Work"

4.) Phoenix's "1901": While I completely stand by "1901" being a must-listen for anyone attempting to get their abode in tip-top shape, I feel that I should offer the following caveat: While listening to "1901," you might notice a lull in actual cleaning. I say this because every time I cue up this song and try to sort my clothes for an upcoming trip to the laundry mat, a small head bob eventually evolves into a full-blown bedroom dance party, population: 1. Then, before I know it, I'm sweating and my limbs hurt from being flailed around in every direction. Consider yourself warned.

Listen to "1901"