New Video: Natalia Kills Featuring, 'Free'

Credit: FilmMagic

I love it when celebs remind us that sometimes it can, in fact, rain money.

In the video for her surprisingly pop-driven single "Free," Natalia Kills and BFF/mentor discuss the perks of having a truckload of cash and the importance of looking hot while spending it. While the video doesn't have as strong a plotline as say, the robots in Britney's "I Wanna Go" video, it does reveal Natalia bathing herself in cold, hard cash, in addition to wearing enough high-fashion outfits that would probably wow even the Prada-wearing devil herself; Natalia coos her way through "Free" while wearing a black latex business suit, a long black skirt with matching bra, and of course, how could we forget the thigh-high stripper shoes paired with her signature Cleopatra-inspired updo.

A black-and-white tinted pops in every now and again (via retro TV screen, naturally) in cray-crazy square-rim shades, reminding us that this is a project that will likely translate into hit material.

While we would have preferred a bit more of a plotline, will and Natalia's overarching message rings loud and clear: Don't hesitate to drop a dime and by all means, look fly while doing so.

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