PHOTO: Amber Rose Has Lots Of Hair Now

Credit: Getty Images

Fans of gossip sites, hip-hop and bald women know Amber Rose as the ubiquitous, hairless model, Kanye West's ex and Wiz Khalifa's current (and rumored fiancée). But now, rather than continuing to Photoshop hair on the 28-year-old model, you can get a look at Amber Rose below donning a curly red wig and erase any "I wonder what she looks like with hair" scenarios from your head.

Last weekend, Amber Rose appeared in Atlantic City to host Jamie Foxx's Love and Basket Ball event, where she played to the camera while playing with her hair and blowing kisses to the paparazzi. Amber Rose's new hair seems to pull inspiration from Beyoncé's au naturel style and Rihanna's red curls. Hair: it looks good on her!