Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Reclines... On A Toilet


Ever think celebrities are like, so freaking magical they don't even have to go to the bathroom? As if the likes of a STAR would EVER do something so unglamorous as be in the same room with PLUMBING. Well, it turns out they do. Here, LOOK! Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself on the commode, if you will, to her brand-new Tumblr, The potty pic makes Gaga look like a slightly perverted damsel in distress who's chosen a toilet on which to flail about dramatically instead of a fainting couch. Go, Gaga! It's not called a RESTroom for NOTHING. Right?

Lady Gaga appears to be taking a little seated catnap on a toilet in what perhaps is a hotel bathroom? We're guessing because of the phone. Or maybe her personal "throne" is outfitted with a telephone just in case one of her monsters needs to reach her when she's indisposed? She seems pretty saucy about the whole thing, with one Muppet extension-adorned underarm exposed and the other arm engaged in...  grabbing herself. Let's imagine the dialogue involved in this photo shoot:

Photographer: Gaga, let's style the set. Maybe you can just sort of.. FLAIL your arm about, you know, very LOO-dy Gaga!

Lady Gaga: Like this? But I'm EXHAUSTED, I didn't close my eyes for a full 24 hours this week--I need to awkwardly lay back and take a little rest. I'll use my arm as a pillow and--greaaaaaat, I can showcase my blue armpit extension SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Photographer: Perfect! Should we set up a spare toilet paper roll as a prop? Now give me Michael Jackson crotch! AMAZING.