WATCH: Britney Gets Reborn In Her 'I Wanna Go' Remix Video!

A "new" version of Britney Spears' now-famously cheeky video "I Wanna Go" video turned up online today, and, like the giddy, tittering little schoolgirls we are when it comes to ANYthing Britney, we certainly got a leeeeittle overexcited.

The video -- which is basically the original, just chopped up into smaller, bite-size portions and given a sort of sepia-n-sunshine-toned treatment -- features the "DJ Frank E & Alex Dreamz Remix," reportedly one of two official remixes to be released this summer.

Even though the more club-centric, bass-infused mix itself has been on SoundCloud for a while, as a Britney EXPERT, I think this new videp is the PERFECT companion piece to our Britney-filled summer of 2011.

+ Watch Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go" remix video, watch the original below, and check out our exclusive interviews with "I Wanna Go" director Chris Marrs Piliero after the jump!