New Video: Joe Jonas, 'See No More'

Credit: Getty

Either Joe Jonas is a massive pyromaniac, or he's severely pissed off at his ex. We'll pine deeply for him either way, but considering that a frilly, cream-colored, size 2 dress spontaneously combusts and starts the fire that basically defines the plot for Joe's new "See No More" video, we're going to go with the latter. Of course, we might have been able to bring you the plotline a bit earlier, but Joe's "See No More" preview was so vague that we really had no clue what to think. Oh, and that lyric video didn't tell us a damn thing about the plotline either, now did it Joe? (Hint: Next time, Joe, be kind. We were dying over here).

The "See No More" video begins with a shot of the smoldering-hot, yet clearly depressed and brooding Joe. Maybe he and Drake should take a spa week together? Amidst a veritable IKEA "Market Hall" of broken dishes on the floor, Joe skulks about in his empty house. The only remaining piece of furniture is a lone chair, which later supports Joe, as he stops to take a seat and look out the window while presumably fantasizing about happier times. Suddenly, we see HER. The one who broke his heart, swirling outside in the dark in front of Joe's house wearing a (rather lovely) lavender frock. Real talk for a sec: What the hell kind of LOCA gal would mistreat a Jonas Brother? Delta, you better watch it. But alas, I digress.

Cut to Joe back inside his house, looking at that size 2 cream colored frock again. Next thing you know, said dress magically catches on fire, serving as the catalyst for the massive blaze which eventually overtakes Joe's sad, memory-filled house.

As the video comes to a close, we see a still brokenhearted, yet somehow immaculately coiffed Joe emerge from the wreckage in a perfectly symmetrical grey cloud of smoke (which I've conveniently decided is a metaphor for the triumphant start of Joe's solo career). And listen, I know that arson isn't normally recommended. But I say good for you, JJ. Set fire to that ish, and move the hell on (to moi, of course).

+ Watch Joe Jonas' "See No More" video below.