Star Spotting: Rihanna REALLY Wants You To Stay Hydrated

You guys. Rihanna is concerned for your health and welfare and would really like you to take a more active approach to your liquid consumption. It IS officially summer, after all. To that end, the "California King Bed" singer has released a brand-new ad for Vita Coco brand coconut water. Because she wants you to get a good, comfy night's sleep AND stay hydrated.

We're currently harboring conclusions about the benefits of coconuts based on how RiRi's Barbadian upbringing MUST have involved heavy coconut consumption and that MUST have led to a next-levelness of hydration and gorgeousness for her. Therefore, coconuts alone could account for her perma-glowy, clear complexion. In Manhattan (also an island, though not similar to a Caribbean one, alas), coconuts are not common, and so we're plotting a trip to the bodega down the street where they sell Vita Coco to get our electrolytes on. SOS please someone save me from being ashy.

So in conclusion, Rihanna is doing a marvelous job of selling you magical water made out of delicious tropical coconuts.