Buzz Bites: (6/30/11): Ke$ha Admits To Using Auto-Tune In 'Conan' Sketch

Credit: WireImage

+ If this parody from "Conan" is to be believed, Ke$ha has confessed to digitally manipulating her voice. Don't get too nervous, though, Buzzworthy readers. In the "Team Coco" news segment, her "actual" voice is that of... a hilarious man's. (Idolator)

+ Joe Jonas is haunted by past relationships in his "See No More" video, showcasing the hunk's softer side. And our crush on him officially progresses from colossal to GARGANTUAN. (AceShowbiz)

+ She certainly wouldn't want to be anybody else, but Selena Gomez does confess that the negative comments do affect her, but that she tries not to focus on it. Go, SELENA! Who SAYS you're not perfect? Who. Says. (Not US). (Celebuzz)

+ Looks like you'll have pretty awesome soundtrack for your annual epic-amounts-of-burger-consumption THIS Fourth Of July weekend (or is that just us?). Jay-Z and Kanye West's album may be coming out July 4! (Rolling Stone)

+ Javier Colon is the winner of "The Voice!" Adam Levine's musical adoptee, Javier never gave up despite numerous stops and starts in his career in the music industry. He got so emotional, baby (to quote the great Whitney Houston) when he achieved victory. GO JAVIER! (PopEater)

+ In other news, Beyoncé's record label has denied rumors that they were unhappy with her new album, 4. Duh. Everything Beyoncé touches turns to GOLD. (NME)