New Video: Colbie Caillat, 'Brighter Than The Sun'

Credit: Getty

Might it be possible for Colbie Caillat to shoot a music video that doesn't feature the following: a sunflower, the beach, the crystal-blue sky or a tree, teeming with delicious fresh fruit? OK, I'm kidding... kind of. But consummate Cali girl Colbie Caillat sure loves her summer-themed videos, and her "Brighter Than The Sun" video, off her upcoming All Of You album, is clearly no exception. Literally, I'm almost blinded by the fake sun rays. SPF jokes aside, though, the video's balmy (but not too humid, you know?), and it perfectly suits the song's lighthearted and summery vibe.

First up, we see a perfectly sunkissed Colbie, swirling about as she's surrounded by her circle of friends (who all happen to be wearing an absolutely PERFECT June wardrobe). Next, a lush green fern gets a juicy 10-second close-up (was probably in its contract), followed by a tight shot of Colbie's immaculately manicured yet fertile hands planting sheets of grass (which we later learn is for her custom made, all-grass bed?)

Colbie proceeds to twirl in front of her very own orange tree and reveals her picturesque swing, which is the perfect accessory for breezy hair and more friendly tilling of the soil until a dance party is produced.

Throw in a few more beauty shots of the fern to wrap things up, and we've just about been to the hottest, most environmentally conscious party of the summer so far.

+ Watch Colbie Caillat's "Brighter Than The Sun" video.