GIFS HAPPEN: Bill Kaulitz Is Our Favorite Summer Action Hero

Yeah, we know this is like the summer of action heroes and blockbusters movies, what with movies like Transformers: Turn Off The Dark and X-Men: Better Than The Rest Men and Green Lantern: Nasty As They Wanna Be all luring you into heavily air-conditioned movie theaters and vying for your awe and hard-earned popcorn dollars. But Bill Kaulitz arrived at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan benefit in Tok(i)yo this past Saturday ALREADY DRESSED FOR THE PART. So WHY IS BILL KAULITZ IN NONE OF THESE MOVIES? Dudes, he already dresses like an action hero. The kind who does all of his own stunts and even wardrobe too. HOW "Matrix"-ish/"Terminator"-y does he look here? PLEASE, casting agents, Michael Bay, anyone! Please cast Bill Kaulitz, of Tokio Hotel fame, in your next action movie! That's a movie I'll see twice. I'd even buy the Blu-ray.