New Song: Natalia Kills Featuring, 'Free'

Credit: Joe Klamar/AFP

Natalia Capuccini, otherwise known as underground pop songstress Natalia Kills, has some seriously famous friends. She's worked with "Buzz On" alum Frankmusik, party-poppers LMFAO, Far East Movement and super producer/rapper Akon. Her album boasts collaborations with Kid Cudi, she's slated to go on tour with Ke$ha and did I forget to mention that consummate hitmaker is featured on Natalia's new single, "Free"? I'm dizzy.

If you live in Germany, chances are you might've already gotten your hands on Natalia Kills' new album, Perfectionist, when it was released there this past spring. But, now Ms. Kills is setting her sights on the rest of the world, and, whose verse on "Free" was added after the German release, has plans to make sure this record is a hit.

Known more for her darker, edgier and less commercial vibe, Natalia Kills serves up some lighter, breezier pop fare with "Free," a perfect accompaniment to the brutal summer heat. (Seriously, NYC? I'M DYING. I digress.) The tune is driven by a plucky, plunky piano track and sugary layered synths. Real talk: "Free" almost sounds like an early B.E.P. record (circa "Where Is The Love?") where Natalia Kills is Fergie, and is well,

And speaking of, his verse is as chill and swagged out as you'd expect from the hitmaker. He raps, setting the carefree tone for the rest of the record, "I got some money in my pocket, and I wanna go shopping and go buy me some things I like. I saw some kicks up in the mall that I just gotta be rockin'... I'm no material guy, I just wanna look fly."

Yo, Will. You and Natalia both look massively fly to me, but if you gotta make a quick pit stop at the mall to tweak your look, go right on ahead. Who am I to judge?

Natalia Kills' forthcoming album, Perfectionist, is slated for release on Aug. 16.

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