Star Spotting: Rihanna's So Hot, She'll Grab Her OWN Butt

Credit: WireImage

Day-um! Rihanna proves for the umpteenth time that she's smoking hot, this time at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night during her performance. We'd wager that few people could simultaneously pull off THAT state of undress in what is essentially a beaded belt and hot pants combination while playing a game of handsies with THEMSELVES. The outfit looks more like a pair of accessories than a duo of garments, and yet showing that much skin paired with patent-leather two-tone booties looks AMAZING on her.

Rihanna even tweeted after the show, saying "Was GREAT to see so many of you tonight!! Whenever celebs come to a show I feel special!! But #RihannaNavy was in the house DEEP!!Love yall" Awww! Shout to the fans. Also on Twitter, Rihanna announced that a date in Alabama has been added to her Loud tour, where the proceeds will go toward tornado relief for the state. The show is set for July 11.