New Video: Drake, 'Marvin's Room'

Credit: Getty

Marvin's Room has been getting pretty packed lately. First, JoJo dropped a drunk dial-y cover version set from a female's perspective. Then, Chris Brown's "Marvin's Room" remix took the side of the dude who is now dating Drake's Ex. But even though Marvin Gaye's name's on the door, it's really Drake's space, and there's just room for Drake and his official "Marvin's Room" video.

Taking to his personal blog (the same forum he used to release his track, "Trust Issues") in the wee hours of the a.m., Drake unleashed the "Marvin's Room" video. If you thought Drake was sad in "Trust Issues," the hazy, slow and melancholic vibe of the "Marvin's Room" video indicates that Drake is still mad depressed. (And still rocking some mad '70s hair.) We see Drizzy musing about dimly lit bars and later, roaming around the abandoned Toronto streets with his head hanging low.

All's not totally lost though. Drake has his good pal liquor to keep him company. A large chunk of the video shows Drake seeking comfort in the many (presumably free?) beers and top-shelf liquors he's throwing back. As if he's intentionally seeking the pity vote from female fans, the video then cuts to a downhearted Drake hitting on random women, all the while singing about that one who got away and who he later tragically drunk-dials.

Adding to his pile of woes, while examining himself in a mirror, Drake gets seriously contemplative and seeks to examine his own failures while questioning the pitfalls his fame. He raps, "I don't think I'm conscious I'm making monsters out of the women I sponsor, till it all goes bad."

Day-om, Drake. You're in a straight-up rut. I bet we could find you like, 90,000 female fans who just might be willing to help you get out of it. (Translation: CALL! ME!)

+ Watch Drake's "Marvin's Room" video (NSFW language)