Star Spotting: Jessie J Shows Us This Is How You Do Crutches

Credit: FilmMagic

Buzzworthy fave Jessie J was spotted making her way to a secret Beyonce show in London yesterday, because that's what celebrities do -- get invited to cool parties and (responsibly) drink free adult beverages the whole night. And leave it to the "Nobody's Perfect" singer to make you actually want a sprained ankle. Jessie J showed up in a cast and crutches and still looked fresh out of a "How To" style guide.

This just goes to show you, kids: Don't sweat the small stuff. Just because you may have sprained your ankle or broken your leg or singed all of your hair off in a home dye gone wrong (don't ask), it doesn't mean you can't still rock it. And you know what all those style experts say: "When trying to off-balance a large leg cast, pair it with a parrot-inspired blazer." Boom. Fashion.