Song Premiere: Chiddy Bang, 'Mind Your Manners'

It seemed like only yesterday that Chiddy of Chiddy Bang was setting a Guinness Book of World Record for longest continuous freestyle -- 9 hours, 18 minutes, 22 seconds if you're keeping track -- at the O Music Awards. He rightly could've stopped to rest after more than 550 straight minutes of rhyming, but the rapper, along with bandmate Xaphoon Jones, immediately debuted "Mind Your Manners," the first single off the group's upcoming debut LP Breakfast, live on stage at the O Music Awards. Ending a record-breaking nine-plus hour freestyle by debuting your new song is like a swag slam dunk. Now we've got the official studio version below.

Over a electro-synth beat equally inspired by New Wave as hip-hop, Chiddy goes in on the braggadocio tip, rhyming, "I'm feeling invincible/Junior high school I had a crush on the principal/I guess I was turned on by the leadership/Now we got the game wrapped up on some pita s***." The track's obvious hip-hop elements coalesce well with its more mainstream pop aspirations, as the catchy sing-along hook adds a glossy sheen without the formulaic pandering.

+ Listen to Chiddy Bang's "Mind Your Manners" below, and download Chiddy Bang music here.

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