Video Premiere: Middle Class Rut, 'Busy Bein' Born'

A young boy, chained at the neck and bleeding from the lip, scratches out another day on the wall of an underground, makeshift prison cell. When he's "freed," it's only to be transferred to another room to participate in a Fight Club for children -- the human equivalent of a cockfight played for sport and money.

California hard rock duo Middle Class Rut get serious in "Busy Bein' Born," the latest video from their debut album No Name No Color. It's an unflinching, uncomfortably realistic video, combining aspects of kidnapping, forced child labor and ruthless, blood-filled battles with child soldiers. A cross between "Midnight Express" and "Bloodsport," the video intersperses fight scenes with a look at the relationship between the two too-young combatants. We don't know how long our protagonists have been locked up, but a wrench and some creativity may be the key to their eventual escape. Or not.

+ Watch Middle Class Rut's "Busy Bein' Born" video.