New Video: Selena Gomez, 'Love You Like A Love Song'

Credit: Getty

While the preview only allowed us to sample a small taste of Selena Gomez's karaoke video worldly travels, the full version of "Love You Like A Love Song" expands on these wild, weird worlds, and we're not mad at that one bit.

Remember that white-robed man playing a medieval instrument we told you about? Turns out he and Selena are romantically involved. (We thought you were more into those internationally renowned pop star types, girl?) The preview only shows the pair hanging out, but the full version is chock full of hand-holding and eye gazing. Eye gazing means its love!

And then remember the 1700s version of Elton John? Turns out dude's not only a piano player, but he's the person guiding Selena from one karaoke video fantasy land to another. Like a karaoke fairy godfather...or something.

Oh, and then there was that keytar playing Mariachi band? Well, now we see the band with a large red pinata and a blindfold, which Selena ecstatically swung at with a glowing pink light saber (!!!). I think we speak for everyone when we say, "WTF."

By the end of the colorful video, time travel converges and all of Selena's new friends have come together to watch her sing IRL. The full version of "Love You Like A Love Song" majorly impressed and it couldn't have come sooner, because we were dying to see how that Mariachi angle played out.

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