MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: GIVERS

With roots in jazz, funk, zydeco, cajun, blues and pop, few spots in the U.S. are more musically diverse than Louisiana. Two hours west of New Orleans, Lafayette quintet GIVERS have channeled these myriad influences to become your MTV PUSH Artist of the Week. Formed by lead singer/guitarist Taylor Guarisco and lead singer/percussionist Tiffany Lamson in 2005, the group's joyful, exuberant pop, filtered through Vampire Weekend-inspired afrobeat, led to a 2009 eponymous EP and the eventual release of In Light, GIVERS' debut full-length.

We've got a number of live performances and interviews to make you a GIVERS expert in minutes. First, get the exclusive first look at the band's official video for lead single "Up, Up, Up," where the group hangs out both on the street and in the clouds.

Then it's time to travel with the band. In Lafayette, the group discusses how they all met and how Hurricane Katrina influenced the band. "Everybody bounces off each other when it comes to music," says bassist Josh LeBlanc about the city. In Austin, Texas, watch the band prepare for their appearance at the annual South by Southwest music festival.  "We're living the dream because we're getting to tap into this thing that we love with the people that we love," says lead singer Taylor Guarisco.

Improvisation has played a major role in the inspiration and creation of In Light. (The genesis of "Up, Up, Up" came from the band's second improvised show.) In the final set of videos, learn about how the band's love of spontaneous jamming led to what you hear on the album. And expect to hear a lot more from this band in the near future.

+ Watch GIVERS' "Up, Up, Up" video, and watch more GIVERS videos and interviews after the jump.

The band returns to Lafayette, Louisiana.

GIVERS prepare for their appearance at South by Southwest.

GIVERS at South by Southwest

The band talks about the inspiration behind "Up, Up, Up."

GIVERS discuss how improvisation informs their creative process.

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