New Song: Beyoncé, 'Schoolin' Life'

Credit: Getty Images

Just when you think every track from Beyoncé's (still forthcoming!) album 4 has leaked already, now there's a bonus track. Go on, listen to it. You've already listened to all the other tracks, you naughty thing.

Appearing only on the album's "deluxe" edition, "Schoolin' Life" is a feisty, Prince-inspired lesson in fun. It's the perfect soundtrack for, say, dancing on a fire escape. Or maybe playing in a busted open fire hydrant. Or starting a fire. Whatever, it's hot!

In addition to dance-inducing 80's synths, this The-Dream-produced track has lyrics the Purple One would be proud of: "I'm a freak, all day all night" and "I'm great at writing physical love letters." Over the course of the song, B wears many hats, admitting she is certified neither as a teacher, a preacher nor a doctor, but is willing to perform their various duties regardless. She also addresses many life lessons to "20-somethins," "30-somethins," "40-somethins," "50-somethins" and "sexy somethins," most of which boil down to this: "Make your life what you decide/Baby, party till the fire marshal shuts this sucker down."

Sounds like solid advice to me. Any questions? Class dismissed.

+ Listen to Beyoncé's "Schoolin' Life."