New Video: Enrique Iglesias And Usher Featuring Lil Wayne, 'Dirty Dancer'

Credit: Getty/FilmMagic

One might assume that the underlying commonality between Enrique Iglesias, Usher and Lil Wayne is that they've all hooked up with the same model. However, any shrewd pop-music junkie will note that all three of these guys have each had their turn at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. A wise idea then to team up and become a powerhouse trio of unstoppable, No. 1 song-ness.

"Dirty Dancing," the trio's aptly titled collaboration, is propelled by a scorching hot beat. Similarly, the video for the song is propelled by scorching hot ladies -- they're dancing all up on the many poles that just happen to be in the club Enrique, Usher and Weezy just happen to have rented out. How convenient.

As Enrique watches a black latex-clad dancer writhing around on stage, he sings, "She's a dirty dirty dancer, dirty dirty dancer, never ever lonely." Cut to Usher, who's watching a new, silver bikini-clad dancer as she does what can only be described as a seriously challenging gymnastics floor routine. Just as she breaks into a somersault, Usher sings, "She's a dirty dirty dancer, dirty dirty dancer, you'll never be her only." Then, of course, Weezy has to get involved working his signature rap swag while eye-undressing a third woman, now in a gold bikini. These guys are equal-opportunity.

Though the video is what you'd expect from three powerhouse male artists who love to look at sexy chicks, the song will likely be another hit for all three. But if anyone's looking for a more tangible takeaway from this video, here it is: If you want to be a baller, THIS VIDEO IS HOW YOU DO IT.

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