Buzzworthy's Tamar Tests Out Justin Bieber's New Perfume

Because we have a few connections here at MTV, we were able to get our hands on Justin Bieber's new fragrance, Someday. And yes, we may have hoarded 11 bottles for personal use (which is none of your business!), but we did manage to save one for the office.

We thought we'd spread (spray?) the love, so Buzzworthy's Senior Editor Tamar Anitai bravely took to the streets of Times Square to ask random passersby what they thought about Justin Bieber's perfume, and we caught all of the reactions on video.

Oh, but here's the catch: The folks we asked to smell Someday didn't know it was Justin Bieber's scent they were sniffin'. We conducted a blind smell test so as not to sway the opinions of our lovely participants in one direction or another. That's right, folks -- hard-hitting journalism right here.

The responses after smelling Someday ranged as much as our participants did -- we heard everything from "summery" to "easy to wear" to "Can I keep smelling it?" And when it came time to guess who's brainchild the fragrance was...well, it took a couple hints. Brownie points to the little girl who guessed "George Washington Carver." It's an easy mistake.

+ Watch Buzzworthy's Tamar test out Justin Bieber's new Someday perfume on the streets of NYC!