New Song: Lil Mama Featuring Snoop Dogg, 'NY NY LA LA'

Credit: WireImage-FilmMagic

Ah, the battle between West Coast and East Coast -- a classic war that continues to wage on. It's crystal clear what team our boy Snoop Dogg is on, considering his public admiration for the West Coast and his recent cameo in Katy Perry's "California Gurls." Lil Mama on the other hand, who has roots in New York, has yet to have an East Coast anthem hit. But we're thinking that her latest release, an old-school vibed record blatantly titled "NY NY LA LA," may solidify her status as an East Coast crusader.

As you might have imagined, the beat for this record is -- how do we say it -- duuuuurrrty. It features a rambunctious and somewhat hostile Mama rhyming, "L-I-L M-A-M-A / New York, New York, LA, LA." While the hook isn't necessarily complicated, it clearly outlines the overarching battle theme for listeners.

Snoop's verse is as laid-back and as chill as you'd expect from the pimp cup holding man himself. Interestingly enough, though, "NY NY LA LA" finds Snoop cheating on the West Coast (just a little) as he raps, "In the Big Apple, so I'm bout to check out The Knicks." We'll gladly take his courtside seats, Lakers.

+ Listen to Lil Mama featuring Snoop Dogg, "NY NY LA LA."