MTV PUSH Artist of the Week: Mac Miller

Off the strength of multiple, well-received mixtapes, 19-year-old MC and MTV PUSH Artist of the Week Mac Miller has established himself as a leader of the revivalist strain of modern hip-hop. Eschewing gangster posturing for emotional vulnerability and honesty, Miller's playful beats and fun-loving vibe hearkens back to the mid-'90s Golden Era of hip-hop, when creativity and reflection trumped machismo. Months ahead of the release of his official debut album (as yet unnamed), the Pittsburgh native is already selling out venues across the country, and we've got a slew of videos to bring you up to speed.

Underscoring Miller's nice-guy image, the rapper discusses the universal appeal of the "thumbs-up" gesture, followed by his take on his seemingly overnight, but long-gestating, career ascendancy. The rapper also talks about the need to be true to himself in his lyrics, noting that no matter what he says, someone's going to accuse him of lying.

And like Wiz Khalifa, the other Pittsburgh emcee doing it big, Miller's got a soft spot for his home city and is happy to share what sets Pittsburgh apart from every other American city. Finally, check out a very hyper Miller backstage in Boulder, Colorado, as well as a live performance of crowd favorite "Donald Trump." After checking out Mac Miller's videos, we know who'll be on repeat in the iPod this week.