Video Premiere: Hey Champ, 'Silver City'

We've been following Chicago synth-pop trio Hey Champ since last summer, when we discovered their "Cold Dust Girl" video (shame on us for sleeping on that!), which landed them an opening slot for Lupe Fiasco. And, of course, we played "Anything At All" on repeat last month. So, not to brag or anything, but now we've got the exclusive video premiere for their new song, "Silver City."

Taken from the recently released Anything At All EP, the breezy, bubbly synth-heavy track is well-suited for the dance floor, with a video mirroring the group's playful sound. In between takes of recording and performing, we get a (real-life?) day in the life of the group, starting with a casual meal and ending with petty theft. Happens!

In between, we see the guys getting ready for a night out, complete with wardrobe upgrade and record shopping. Chicago hipsters, take note: Pink hoodie, hunting jacket, short shorts and a plaid hat turned sideways are de rigueur for spring/summer 2011. After shopping, the guys hit up a massive party, DJing for the crowd and generally having more fun than you.

As evidenced by the lyrics, Hey Champ has an unfailing devotion to their home city, even when the guys are getting their busking money stolen from right underneath them. Damn, didn't any of you guys watch "The Chicago Code"?

+ Watch Hey Champ's "Silver City" video.

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