New Song: Honor Society, 'Living A Lie'

This past Sunday at their show at The Roxy, Honor Society played their new song, "Living A Lie," and -- enormous surprise -- it ruled. Honor Society has a track record of putting out irresistibly catchy rock tunes with a pop sensibility, which is probably why their summer tour, (with Katelyn Tarver and Action Item opening), is nearly sold out. Or, maybe it's cause the four members of Honor Society are smokin' hot. Whatever and ever, who knows. We could debate this 'til we pass out and can't use the Internet anymore, so let's not split hairs.

"Living A Lie" is Honor Society's most sophisticated sound to date and leans way more Maroon 5 (which is good thing!) than Jonas Brothers, for whom Honor Society's opened. Driven by an almost nasty funked-out groove, an epic dueling guitar jammy jam and the band's signature air-tight harmonies, lead singer Michael Bruno sings "I don't want to, cause I need you, but I gotta let you go/the surface was perfect but underneath it all, you were living a lie." Yikes. At least he's honest. Also, who's gonna lie to that face? Certainly not this girl.

If you want to hear "Living A Lie" live for yourself, make sure to catch Honor Society at one of their next stops on tour. Go on and do it. We'll wait. Don't be shy.

+ Watch Honor Society perform "Living A Lie."