JoJo Goes To A Dark Place, Drunk Dials On Remix Of Drake's 'Marvin's Room'

Credit: WireImage

Our little JoJo has grown up so fast. It seems like only yesterday she was playing Robin Williams' daughter in family comedy R.V., and now she's getting hopped up on Adderall and Red Bull and leaving imprudent voice mails on her ex's phone. Or rather, she's fantasizing about doing that, as indicated by her potty-mouthed remix of Drake's slow-burning revenge ballad, "Marvin's Room."

Like the original, JoJo's NSFW remix takes the form of a long, ranting drunk dial and is punctuated by a chorus of "F*** that new girl that you like so bad." Some lines... which we won't repeat... are far from church talk, and she sounds like a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown throughout. In short, the song accomplishes precisely what she set out to do: to mature her image with an emotionally dark vocal performance.

It's an unarguably haunting and interesting take on "Marvin's Room" as well as a riveting look at the dark places JoJo's willing to go. And hopefully she's feeling better and un-Adderall-ed now.

+ Listen to JoJo's remix of Drake's "Marvin's Room" (NSFW Language).