10 Things To Know Now: Police Saved Joss Stone's Life, Natalie Portman Had A Boy + Whole Foods Rap

Credit: Getty Images

Happy Hump Day, everyone! To celebrate the completion of the first half of this long, long week, I have compiled 10 items for your delight and amusement. Here we go.

1.) Police have foiled a plot on the part of two men who planned to kidnap and potentially murder British soul singer Joss Stone. She is reportedly doing pretty OK, considering the circumstances. Be careful, Joss! (MTV News)

2.) After much glowy incubation, Natalie Portman has given birth to a healthy baby boy. Mazel tov to Natalie and fiancé Benjamin Millepied! Theirs will be a mighty good-looking child. (ABC News)

3.) To further prove to us he can do anything, James Franco shot Agyness Deyn dressed up like James Dean for Elle magazine. How very...meta. (Elle)

4.) Buzznet recently spoke to English popster Ellie Goulding about nachos, American manners and what she would name her pet unicorn. Her accent is way too cute. (Buzznet)

5.) Model/singer Crystal Harris broke off her engagement to Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner early this week, and Hef has since taken to Twitter to vent his sadness. Don't worry buddy, I'm sure you'll find a new blonde who really likes you for you soon. (Slate magazine)

6.) California creative collective Fog and Smog made a rap video about the parking lot at Whole Foods. It's nice to see someone who takes his quinoa and kombucha as seriously as I do. (Laughing Squid)

7.) Jennifer Lopez is "very kind of on the fence" about whether to stay on as an "American Idol" judge. She would be missed, but the Latin-themed reality show she's thinking of doing instead sounds like it has the potential to be rather entertaining. (I'm Not Obsessed)

8.) Brooklyn noise-pop band Parts and Labor did quite the creative cover of Kanye West's "Runaway" as part of the Onion A.V. Club's "Undercover" series. Maybe Yeezy will be inspired to incorporate some squalling feedback into his next show? (AV Club)

9.) Need some inspiration to plan your lake vacation? Here are 20 adorable photos of tigers keeping cool in the summertime. These big cats know what's up. (Buzzfeed)

10.) These guys, on the other hand, do not know what's up. The helpful folks over at Buzzfeed have compiled 10 men's fashion trends to avoid, from mesh shirts (ew) to Crocs (eeeeew). (Buzzfeed)