Jordan Knight's Twitter Followers Ask Him Anything (!) On VH1's Blog

Credit: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

We know WE'VE been dying to ask Jordan Knight our various and sundry burning questions since we rocked scrunched-up socks paired with brightly colored high-top Reeboks and Hypercolor shirts. (So in other words, back when all actually looked like Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" video.)

Said questions have evolved from 1988's "WILL YOU BE OUR BOYFRIEND, JORDAN KNIGHT?" to our curiosity of 2011: "How do you maintain that sexy head of hair?" In short, we've begrudgingly learned to use our inside voice when speaking to him (digitally, anyway), as we're now adults. (DUH!!!) But some of Jordan's Twitter followers recently went all out -- getting quite risque with the former boy bander and current NKOTBSBer for an "Ask Me Anything" video session on the VH1 Blog.

And some of the questions even bordered on FRESH, you guys! Like the fan who asked Jordan at what age he lost his virginity and whether he's a "smush in the morning or at night guy." Though he's been known to Hang Tough, Jordan politely refrained from sharing his V-card story, thank you much. But he did confess he's down for a little morning smushing.

Our favorite moment from the interview? When Jordan disclosed that those cool jackets from the 1990 AMAs are likely establishing residency at his mom's house. Last, he did confess to not being a frequenter of nightclubs (but we know that's because anywhere Jordan is, his mere presence makes it a KNIGHT club on the spot) and we'd totally pay cover AND rock a super-hard-to-wash-off hand stamp to go to one of THOSE. Watch the video below to see Jordan answer a ton of Qs (Step By Step, of course) and check out the VH1 Blog to see part 2 of the "Ask Jordan Knight Anything" video.

Credit: Ron Galella, Ltd./ WireImage