Star Spotting: Taylor Momsen Forgot Her Pants Again

Credit: Splash News

Taylor Momsen was spotted leaving a nightclub in London after her band The Pretty Reckless finished up a gig, and whaddya know, she's actually smiling! The usually solemn singer was looking pretty happy on Monday night, and not even fake happy. We think she's actually releasing endorphins and feeling pleasure or something!

Don't get too concerned though -- the Taylor Momsen we know and love has got to be in there somewhere. After all, she's still pants-less. We're pretty sure Taylor owns zero-point-zero articles of clothing that cover her bottom half, but we totally get it -- if my legs were a mile and half long, I'd probably be pants-less all the time too. Grocery store? Pants-less. Post office? Pants-less. Alligator wrestling? Well, maybe some shorts or something.

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