The Buzz On: Christina Grimmie

If I'd known that the prize for having over 17 million YouTube views was getting to open for Selena Gomez, then I would have tried a little harder to get more than a paltry 26 views on my secret YouTube channel (which, if anyone's interested, features me doing covers of Mariah Carey songs, exclusively). I guess I should take a cue then, from Selena Gomez's opening act, 17-year-old New Jersey native Christina Grimmie (thanks, Internet!) who's known to YouTubers worldwide as zeldaxlove64.

Christina Grimmie has the distinct honor of being the seventh most popular YouTube musician of all time... and did we mention she also has the distinct honor of opening up for Selena Gomez? We said that, right?

Probably best known for her cover of Nelly's "Just A Dream," Christina's cover choices range from Adele to Gaga to Jessie J, to Cee Lo. But unlike some other fleeting internet cover stars who use a karaoke backing track, Christina accompanies herself on the piano and also performs original material.

Her first single, "Advice," was recently released on Radio Disney. The overarching vibe is pop/rock, but we can't deny that Christina's voice has a subtle tinge of R&B that feels like if Hayley Williams and Rihanna, somehow folded themselves into one person. In addition to opening for Selena, Christina has also opened for, wait for it, THE JONAS BROTHERS (we'll pause for gasps) and prior to being her official opening act, Christina sang backup vocals for Selena Gomez as well.

Christina Grimmie's first EP, entitled Find Me, is out TODAY so go cop it on iTunes!