Selena Gomez Is Feeling Better, But Let's Page Dr. Bieber Just In Case

We were worried about Selena Gomez for a hot minute there! But thankfully she's feeling better! After checking into the hospital and being treated for food poisoning and exhaustion last week, Selena's tourmate Christina Grimmie says the "Bang Bang Bang" singer is doing just fine.

"I texted her and asked if she was OK," Grimmie told MTV News. "I talked to her mom and said she's doing well."

Thank goodness for that! Selena probably just needed a little R&R -- those publicity tours can really take a toll on your body. We're guessing that first-class hospital Jell-O and a little extra sleep helped set her straight.

But just in case Selena's still feeling a bit under the weather, we made this GIF for her! "Excuse me, is there a Dr. Bieber in the house?" Best GIF ever or bestest GIF ever?