New Song: Shania Twain, 'Today Is Your Day'

Shania Twain's had it a little rough these past few years. So when we heard she'd released the full version of her new song, confidently titled "Today Is Your Day," we thought we'd be getting a bad-ass'd, lap-steel'd new comeback record teeming with a bravado, reminiscent of her "(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here!" days. Instead, we got a happy-go-lucky mid-tempo ballad (also known as a lullaby?) more along the lines of "You're Still The One"-meets-Daniel Powter's "Bad Day." Oookay.

But, since we've missed Shania so much and we have this thing where we always pull for her, we'll take it. The song's undeniably a bit saccharine, but Shania's lush and rich voice prevails. (Despite her voice drama, which you probably know all about -- surely I'm not the only one watching "So What With Shania Twain," right? Right?) Even as she sings a rather benign chorus, "today is your day, and nothing can stand in your way/today is your day, everything's going your way" her signature country-pop croon is still front and center. And, undoubtedly, Shania's unending sweetness and buck-up track won't fail to inspire

Do we think this new sound is a direct reflection of her split with her ex-husband, Mutt Lange? Or, maybe Shania, who just got a star on the Walk Of Fame, has been busy promoting her newly announced stint in Vegas and new show on Oprah's network. Regardless, we wanna give Shania the benefit of the doubt while we quietly yearn for the time she'll once again come booming out in a floor-length leopard-print hooded coat with matching bra and hat box.

+ Listen to Shania Twain's "Today Is Your Day." (Why not?)