Buzzworthy Obsession: Clinton Sparks, 'Sucks To Be You,' Featuring LMFAO + JoJo

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I'll be the first to admit that I've really missed JoJo. In 2004, I must have sung her song "Leave (Get Out) to my imaginary boyfriend more than 100 times and repeated this same act in 2006 when she released "Too Little, Too Late." Following trend, two years later I patiently waited for JoJo to release yet another empowering pop female anthem, but by December, I knew chances were bleak. Turns out, JoJo had some label drama and eventually squashed that beef and now has plans for a new album. PHEW! I hate waiting. Anyway, in the meantime, JoJo has seriously been on top of her collaborating game, making cameos on high-profile projects.

Sharing the spotlight with pop/rap collective LMFAO, power-DJ Clinton Sparks called upon JoJo to sing a verse in his song "Sucks To Be You," a track off his rather obviously titled new mixtape, My Awesome Mixtape. In the thumping, synth and bass- driven electro-pop record, a clearly PISSED off JoJo rants, "oh and stop telling lies as if I'm stalking you/you know you be crying to my best friend and my mama too."

We're way into LMFAO's verse and JoJo's electro-laced vocal assist and commanding new stance as not just a teary ex but a ballsy, angry one. And while we love any JoJo we can get, we LOVExinfinity "The Other Chick," so we're hoping and praying that her new album features insanely catchy pop songs in that vein.

Jumping Trains, JoJo's forthcoming album, is slated for release in September 2011.

+ Listen to Clinton Sparks' "Sucks To Be You," featuring LMFAO and JoJo.

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