Flashback Friday: The Foo Fighters, 'Big Me'

Credit: WireImage

The Foo Fighters might just be the hardest-working rock band we've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The band was quietly born when Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl released a post-Nirvana demo, which snowballed into a seven-album stretch (not to mention EPs and their excellent Medium Rare compilation of covers), which brings us to today, where Foo Fighters are one of the only bands born out of early '90s grunge to experience consistent success beyond that decade.

The fourth single off their 1995 self-titled debut, "Big Me" ended up being their first bona fide mainstream hit, climbing to position No. 11 in the Billboard Top 40. Its catchy melody and sweet, romantic lyrics certainly helped, but it was the memorable music video that really pushed it over the edge. In a parody of the ludicrous Mentos ads that seemed to be on TV every 10 seconds at the time, the boys donned various costumes to demonstrate that eating a "Footos" mint could solve pretty much any problem. Did some jerk park you in? Can't get backstage at your favorite band's show? Arm severed and bleeding? Footos has you covered!

This was just the first of many tongue-in-cheek music videos from Foo Fighters and demonstrated the unwavering sense of playfulness that sets them apart from other alt-rock bands to this day. Watch the video for "Big Me" below, and marvel at how little Grohl seems to have aged in the past 15 years. Now, how do I get my hands on some of those Footos?