Listen To Britney Spears Cover Madonna's 'Burning Up'

Credit: Getty Images

It's no secret that Britney Spears loves pop forerunner Madonna (even enough to make out with her!). So when rumors began flying that Britney would be covering Madonna's 1983 hit "Burning Up" (watch the video below) on her upcoming "Femme Fatale" tour, they didn't seem too off-base. And sure enough, as of today it would seem this has actually been confirmed by a leaked song many suspect is meant to be a backing track for Britney's dance-heavy live show.

As covers go, it's pretty straightforward, with Britney purring the lyrics in her unmistakable voice over music that sounds like it's gotten a bit of a techno update. Does this mean she's going to dress up like early '80s Madonna too, with leather jacket, bangles and bright pink lipstick? Lacey hair bow too, we hope? Or, OMG, does this mean Madonna might decide to make a cameo at some point, helping Britney perform a few of her iconic songs??? WHO DO WE NEED TO CALL TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN?

+ Listen to Britney Spears' cover of Madonna's "Burning Up."