The Buzz On: Katelyn Tarver

You may not know that you know Katelyn Tarver, but let us assure you, you probably do.

If you've ever picked up a copy of Teen Vogue, then you might have seen Katelyn on the cover. Beeeecause she's a model. If you've ever watched an episode of the hit Nickelodeon show "Big Time Rush" (YES, I sometimes watch it... SO!??) you may have seen her play the character Jo (Yep. She's an actress). If you remember the TV show "American Juniors," then you might remember Katelyn's voice, which earned her a place as a top finalist (she's a singer too?? OK seriously, when's this gonna end? My self-esteem is plummeting.)

While Katelyn still pursues modeling and acting, her main focus these days is her singing career. When she first started out, Katelyn was pure girlie pop, but these days she feels a little like Taylor Swift meets Michelle Branch -- country-pop with a little bit of that earthy folk feel Mandy Moore does so well.

Katelyn's set to release her EP, A Little More Free, and she's hitting the road this summer with Honor Society. And, if her prior list of successes is any indication, Katelyn's not far from headlining her own gig.

+ Listen to Katelyn Tarver's new single, "It's Good."