So, What Do You Think About The Return Of Limp Bizkit?

Credit: Neilson Barnard/ Getty Images

Six years after releasing their last album and more than a decade since "Nookie" and "Rollin'" changed the direction of music, rap-rock group Limp Bizkit have returned with the new single and lyric video for "Gold Cobra," the first single off their new album of the same name set for release June 28.

The original quintet recently reunited to record their fifth album, and judging by their first single, haven't strayed from the aggro fusion of hip-hop and hard rock that made them radio and festival staples in the late 1990s. "We've come full circle to absolutely own who we are as a band, an undisputed five-piece rap-rock powerhouse who crushes every stage we play," frontman Fred Durst said in a statement.

At the peak of the group's popularity, 1999's Significant Other and 2000's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water sold more than 6 million copies each in the U.S. alone. But changing musical tastes, the departure of founding guitarist Wes Borland and a media drubbing over the band's role in the riotous and disastrous Woodstock 1999, led to the band fading out of public view and releasing a string of poorly received albums before going on hiatus.

When MTV News caught up with frontman Fred Durst last year, gone was the rowdy, obnoxious antagonist who perpetually fought with fans and bandmates. The new Durst is humble, tolerant and more mature, having made peace with, among many others, Borland after a heavily publicized falling-out.

"This new album, this is what we do. The evolution has brought us full-circle," Durst told MTV. "We're Limp Bizkit. And if you didn't like it before, you're not going to like it now. If you don't want to hear a band that plays super-heavy grooves with an MC rapping over it, then you shouldn't listen to Limp Bizkit."

"Gold Cobra" is rife with the rap-rock sound Limp Bizkit perfected back in the day, with a little less screaming and a little more smug, bouncy swag. But don't worry: There's just as much eff-it aggression as ever.

So what do you think? Glad Limp Bizkit's back, or should they have stayed away? Listen to the new track and sound off in the comments.

+ Listen to Limp Bizkit's "Gold Cobra." (WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE)