New Song: Taking Back Sunday, 'This Is All Now'

If you're a true Taking Back Sunday fan, then you know that the band earned their beloved post-hard-core pop-punk band status the hard way. They hustled as an indie band, organically building their fan base show after show until a major label took notice. So it pleases us even more to report that Taking Back Sunday's new single is as true to their original sound as we would have hoped. And that's not surprising, since the band recently reassembled their original lineup from the early 2000s, a belong Taking Back Sunday era many fans still cling to.

"This Is All Now," slated to appear on Taking Back Sunday's self-titled fifth album, set for release June 28, begins with lead singer Adam Lazzara's unmistakable vocals, supported by an intentionally simple guitar and drumbeat. Then, as only Taking Back Sunday can, the song erupts to reveal driving guitars and layered harmonies (guitarmonies?) plowing us into the chorus.

Taking Back Sunday has gone through some fairly public band drama, so lyrically, it's hard to ignore the somewhat obvious reference to a departed member when Adam wails, "Next time you're standing on that stage/You're lying to yourself!" Or, maybe they just watched Black Swan and they're all up in Natalie Portman's character's head. Who are we to speculate?

Either way, Taking Back Sunday has conveniently provided us with a "This Is All Now" lyric video, so we'll let you decide. Taking Back Sunday is about to embark on an exhaustive world tour and are set to shoot a video for "Faith (When I Let You Down)" with Chris Marrs Piliero.

+ Listen to Taking Back Sunday's "This Is All Now."