New Song: Drake, 'Marvin's Room'

Drake's official second album, Take Care, won't be released until Oct. 24, but the rapper/singer is already hitting the promotional cycle hard. Last month, we got to hear "Dreams Money Can Buy," and today the Toronto superstar tweeted "Marvin's Room," the second unofficial single from the album.

Over a slow-building, swirling beat similar to 2009's "The Calm," Drake spends the first half of the track drunk dialing an ex-girlfriend in an effort to win her back. "I’ve been in this club too long," Drake sings. "The woman that I would try/Is happy with a good guy/But I've been drinking so much/That I'ma call her anyway."

Halfway through "Marvin's Room" (not to be confused with "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay") Drake switches to rapper mode, addressing his ex while dwelling on his still-adjusting new life of fame. "Too many drinks have been given to me," raps Drake. "I got some women that's living off me/Paid for their flights and hotels I'm ashamed/Bet that you know them, I won't say no names/After a while, girl, they all seem the same." OK, can we officially coin the word "Drakeian" to mean any rapper who expresses the trappings and pitfalls of being famous?

While many sites are speculating on the connection, if any, between the name "Marvin's Room" and the 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio film based on Scott McPherson's 1991 play, we're guessing it has more to do with another emotional crooner. In 1975, soul legend Marvin Gaye built a studio in Los Angeles called Marvin's Room and recorded numerous classic albums there. It became the epicenter of nonstop parties, but also functioned as the place Gaye would go to escape the stress and pressure of being a world-renowned musical deity living life under a 24-hour microscope. Sound familiar?

+ Listen to Drake's "Marvin's Room."