Who Wants To Buy Joey Fatone's Stuff?

Credit: Getty Images

Weren't you JUST thinking to yourself, "Man, I would LOVE to get *NSYNC with Joey Fatone's earthly possessions"? WELL YOU CAN! Because Joey Fatone is reportedly selling the contents of his Orlando home in a serious estate sale this weekend. We're glad that in this instance, Joey is CHOOSING to say Bye Bye Bye to his belongings, as opposed to the heinous incident in which fellow *NSYNCer JC Chasez was nearly burgled -- had he not been such a badass.

Among the gems for sale are Joey's Death Star replica, some antique Disney memorabilia (guess you can't be a celeb in such close proximity to the Magic Kingdom without investing in a piece like this), full-size arcade games and -- our favorite -- Joey's Sword of Omens from Thundercats. (Joey, the fact that you even own a Thundercats sword pretty much confirms that God spent a little more time on you.)

But Joey Fatone's everything-must-go sale doesn't consist of just toys -- this I promise you. Joey's also selling functional, responsible adult things such as furniture, dishes, grilling stuff and even clothing. One lucky person will even be able to buy Joey's grand piano (though it looks like he doesn't wanna part with that *NSYNC DVD).

So tell us, Buzzworthy readers: Who's buying? Is it gonna be YOU?