New Video: Nicola Roberts, 'Beat Of My Drum'

Credit: Sylvia Linares/FilmMagic

Let us introduce you, if you're not yet acquainted, to the fair-skinned, redheaded, BADASSED Nicola Roberts. Over in England, everyone knows her. (She even interviewed Lady Gaga for MTV UK). After auditioning for the UK reality show Popstars: The Rivals, Roberts won a spot in what would eventually become one of the UK's most successful girl groups, Girls Aloud.

In 2010, after immense success with Girls Aloud, reports of a band hiatus surfaced, and Nicola announced she'd be going solo. And sorry, Girls Aloud diehards, but we're pretty glad she did, because her solo stuff is on point.

Nicola Roberts' first single, the aptly named "Beat Of My Drum," is produced by Diplo (his signature sound's stamped all over the song), and it's a fresher take on electro-pop, ditching perfectly aligned saccharine production for a grittier, shoutier brand of sweet (read: If M.I.A., Major Lazer and Yelle had a kid, it would be born screaming this song).

Outfitted in a colorful onesie, Nicola employs a troupe of dancers, a drumline, and a cheerleading squad, in her "Beat Of My Drum" video before mounting a stack of speakers, which she uses as a platform to urges listeners to dance to the beat of her drum. Sold.

Nicola's debut album, Cinderella's Eyes, is slated for release this fall.

+ Watch Nicola Roberts' "Beat Of My Drum" video.