'MTV2 Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged': Watch A Sneak Peek Of 'Money On My Mind'

There's not much Lil Wayne hasn't yet accomplished or achieved in his prolific career. Except for an MTV "Unplugged" performance. And on Sunday, June 12, at 9p/8c, when "MTV2 Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged" premieres, he can cross even that off his bucket list. Wayne's legend status is already unquestionable -- he calls himself the Best Rapper Alive for a reason. But at this point in Weezy's career, an "Unplugged" performance is a nice thing to say you have.

Lil Wayne's "Unplugged" set list draws from his exhaustive repertoire of albums and mixtapes and even includes a cover of TuPac's "Hail Mary." Wayne employs a full band on an intimate soundstage, totally transforming the tracks, augmenting tried-and-true classics with a fuller yet somehow more intimate sound -- and no Auto-Tune. The show feels like it's just as much about Wayne as it is his work. But don't take our word for it; Wayne's never really needed anyone else's help to convince you of his greatness.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of "Money On My Mind" from "MTV2 Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged," see a sneak peek of "6 Foot, 7 Foot and an exclusive interview with Lil Wayne from the "Unplugged" set, and don't miss "MTV2 Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged," when it premieres Sunday, June 12, at 9p/8c on MTV2, MTV and MTV.com.