Song Premiere: Breathe Carolina, 'Blackout'

Ever since a 30-second preview of electro-pop duo Breathe Carolina's new track "Blackout" hit the internet late last year, devotees of the Denver-based duo have been clamoring for a full version. Well, wait no more, friends, because we've got the exclusive track below.

You probably already skipped this paragraph and raced to the Play button, but just in case you're still reading this, a.) we appreciate it and b.) "Blackout" is the first single off of Breathe Carolina's third album, Hell Is What You Make It. The track recalls anthemic dance-pop acts such as Kevin Rudolf and Flo Rida, as Moroder-esque synths and four-on-the-floor beats propel the song that blends house, Italo disco, synth pop and electro. Translation: You will play this song, dance around like a maniac psycho and play this song again.

The heavily effected vocals mask the motivational hook, which is perfectly suited to a night out. "I'm only getting started, I won't black out. Let's go a little harder." It may not be Shakespeare, but the up-with-everything sentiment aligns with the stadium-ready sound.

Breathe Carolina's Kyle Even and David Schmitt, who D.N.G.A.F., as you're aware, are prepping the July 12 release of Hell is What You Make It on Fearless Records and are set to headline the "Scream It Like You Mean It" tour.

+ Listen to Breathe Carolina's "Blackout" below.