New Song: Jay Sean, 'Where Do We Go'

U.K. R&B singer Jay Sean is best known for uptempo club songs like "Down" and "Do You Remember." But on "Where Do We Go," the singer's latest single, we get to hear Jay Sean's smoothed-out, soulful side.

Anchored by finger snaps and an acoustic guitar, "Where Do We Go" finds the protagonist at a crossroads in his relationship. "Love is not a fairy tale," Jay Sean sings. "But it ain't supposed to be this hard. And now the visions of our love fade away." Bummer, man.

If "Down" saw the singer telling his girl to "lose control" and just "let it go," "Where Do We Go" is the postscript -- the time when the clubbing ends and threats of changing locks and packed suitcases are exchanged. The track's tone -- poignant with shades of optimism -- recalls classic Michael Jackson ballads like "Ben" and "I'll Be There," and showcases Jay Sean's more mature side.

"Where Do We Go" is the first single from The Mistress, a new mixtape that will accompany the singer's long-delayed official fourth album, Freeze Time. The Mistress will feature acoustic versions of Jay Sean's tracks as well as selected covers.

+ Listen to Jay Sean's "Where Do We Go".