New Song: Teddybears, Featuring Cee Lo & The B-52s, 'Cho Cha'

Who knew Cee Lo was such an animal lover?

The rapper/soul singer teamed up with Swedish pop group Teddybears and New Wave legends The B-52s for "Cho Cha," a Space Age, lounge-pop ode to, um, cats (!??!) that has already won the Double Entendre Lyrics of the Year Award.

Anchored by a driving, propulsive beat, a background chorus of "meows" and sparse, yet irresistible, xylophones, this one's a definite Song of the Summer contender. While Teddybears get the lead credit, it's Cee Lo, the living embodiment of your favorite childhood stuffed animal, that'll make this one a hit in the vein of last summer's "F*** You." "I know I'm hard to deal with," Cee Lo sings. "But you're always open to my suggestions... Cho Cha, I love you." The B-52s' Fred Schneider provides the vocal counterbalance, singing in his inimitable lilt, "Soft and sweet and warm and fuzzy/You drive me crazy/I love you baby." See? It's a sweet love song.

A slightly different version of "Cho Cha" originally appeared on Cee Lo's 2010 mixtape, Stray Bullets, under the name "Cho Cha the Cat," but will appear on Teddybears' sixth studio album, Devil's Music, to be released in the U.S. June 21.

+ Listen to Teddybears' "Cho Cha." featuring Cee Lo and The B-52s.