New Song: Skylar Grey, 'Dance Without You'

Steve Granitz/WireImage

We all know Skylar Grey as the songsmith behind Rihanna & Eminem's No. 1 hit "Love The Way You Lie." She was also the haunting voice on Diddy Dirty Money's, "Coming Home," and Dr. Dre's "I Need A Doctor," which she performed live at this year's Grammy Awards and basically set off a "who is Skylar Grey" viral campaign.

But girl's got a lotta other stuff going for her too. She's an in-demand songwriter as well as a budding solo artist. She's been signed to Alex Da Kid's KIDinaKORNER imprint, where she'll release her forthcoming LP, Invinsible, this fall, featuring her first single, "Dance Without You."

"Dance Without You" is a marked departure from the grandiosely hooky top-lines she's penned for others. Instead, Skylar's own music leans a little more toward the harder side of '90s female alt-rockers. (Garbage fans, get ready to LOVE this.) With a stormy industrial vibe, the song begins with a syncopated, unadorned staccato beat-box track, which ultimately serves as an excellent precursor to Skylar's signature ethereal vocals. She sings on the verse, "So serious all the time/I feel restrained, I feel confined/I cannot take, your whispering." And just because this song isn't pure pop doesn't mean that Skylar's pop sensibilities as a writer didn't kick in. Skylar delivers a MAD hooky chorus as she sings, "I wanna dance without you, I want to loose myself" -- a chorus that we're sure will make quite an impact on radio, as well as in our heads, considering it's been stuck there since our first listen.