New Song: Beyoncé, 'Start Over'

Albums leaks always make us feel a tinge of remorse -- as well as play into our paranoia that men in dark suits are going to knock on the door of our apartment and we'll have to surrender our computer, iPod and iPhone and we'll end up in internet jail. Still, the collection of Beyoncé tracks that have surfaced so far has made her forthcoming album, 4, which has leaked in its entirety, one of this summer's most hotly anticipated releases. And we've fallen pretty damn hard for the latest Beyoncé songs we've heard.

Yesterday, we heard "Party," a Kanye West- and Consequence-produced '70s soul-infused summer jam that also features a welcome comeback by Andre 3000. But on "Start Over," Beyoncé switches up the vibe and brings us comfortably back to what she does best: larger-than-life, emotionally tortured, breathy ballads.

Like with "1+1," Beyoncé's vocals on "Start Over" are so vulnerable that they're almost tortured. What we love best, though, is that you hear hints of her operatic background as she cries out to her man (though in this case we pray it's not Jigga!? We're always rooting for them). She sings, "Maybe we’re through, but I honestly can say I still love you/Maybe we reached a mountain peak and there's no more left to climb/and maybe we lost a magic piece and we're too blind to find/Let's start over."

The official release date for Beyoncé's new album, 4, is June 28, and while we're in LUFF with what we've heard, let's let the Queen have her day, shall we?

+ Listen to Beyoncé's "Start Over."

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