The Buzz On: Kreayshawn

The internet's been going crazy (errr... "Kreay-zy"?) recently for a pint-size white female rapper from Oakland called Kreayshawn. As soon as the video for her insanely catchy song, "Gucci Gucci," was posted on The Fader, she racked up thousands of hits on YouTube and questions began flying. Who was this girl? Was she for real? If she had no major label backing, why were the video's production values so high? How did she know the guys from Odd Future?

A decent number of profiles later, we know that her real name is Natassia Zolot, and she grew up in some of the roughest neighborhoods of San Francisco and Oakland. Her mother was in a touring punk band called the Trashwomen, and instilled a love of music in her from a very young age. She knows Odd Future from living in the Bay with Left Brain. The two used to work on creative projects together. And her production values are high because she's a professional videographer and Berkeley film school dropout who's filmed videos for Lil B and other Bay Area rappers. Any more questions?

Watching the video for "Gucci Gucci," it's not hard to see why everyone's going so bonkers over it. Her facility with metaphor is impressive in playground taunts like "Google that, groupies follow me like Twitter/I'm rolling up my catnip and s***ting in your litter." She turns the names of designer brands into a deliciously catchy hook, ever as she mocks the "basic bitches" who care about them. Her cat metaphors and references to her swag-pumping ovaries(!) create a uniquely feminine take on hip-hop. And of course, her thrift store style and pink sequined Mickey Mouse ears are incredible.

And back to that Lil B connection -- she's been called the female Lil B and the based goddess (JEALOUS OF THAT!), but we're even getting a female Mike Jones vibe from her. It's no surprise then that Kreayshawn and her crew White Girl Mob (which consists of her and her two sisters) are poised to take over the world. She just today announced a $1 million deal with Sony (!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!), and her debut full-length is due out later this year. We can't wait to see what she uses all that cash to create.

+ Check out Kreayshawn's official site, her Tumblr, and watch her freestyle on MTV 2's Suckerfree Freestyle.