New Video: Shakira, 'Rabiosa'

The ever-prolific Shakira brand-new "Rabiosa" video is a colorful affair full of pole dancing, silly string, ball pits, and handsome, well-dressed men. In short: I want to go to there. The third single off her latest album, Sale El Sol (The Sun Comes Out, in English), "Rabiosa" uses rabies as a metaphor for being driven mad by lust; leave it to Shakira to make rabies sound sexy by purring about it in Spanish. The video's festive vibe fits perfectly with the song's seductive Reggaeton beat, bolstered by a randy horn section. And what song about rabies would be complete without rap verse from Pitbull?

Also, this probably goes without saying. but we'll say it: The 34-year-old singer looks amazing here, both as an adorable brunette partygoer and a blonde pole dancer. (The brunette's id, perhaps?) I know Shakira is widely known for her long, blonde locks, but I am really liking the brown bob; it's her natural hair color, after all. Then again, Shakira could probably dye her hair the color of cat barf and she'd look hot.

+ Watch Shakira's "Rabiosa" video.